Vitamix Recipes

My wife believes that one of the reasons that I enjoy my time in the kitchen so much is because that is where most of our toys and tools reside. And I don't think I can disagree. Among those toys is my Vitamix, perhaps one of my favorites, due to its versatility. I'm not sure it's as invaluable as some diet gurus would have you believe, but at the same time, mine gets a regular workout, whether it be mashed cauliflower, salsa verde or even my butternut squash soup!

What you probably won't find me doing is making a lot of smoothies with my Vitamix, the effort to reward ratio seems to be off, for me at least. I'm just not that into smoothies to want to deal with washing and cleaning the Vitamix each time I use it!

But for large batches of dressing, pesto or salsa verde, small batches of hot soup, or cold soup for that matter, and even wet dough or batter, like quick breads and some muffin mixes, the Vitamix is a real work horse in my kitchen!

Greg Fly